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Preserving your wedding dress

Your wedding dress represents a substantial emotional and financial investment.

Wedding Dress

Whether you intend keeping or selling your dress, once the ‘big day’ is over you will naturally want to protect your investment.

We are professional Dry Cleaners who specialise in wedding dress cleaning, as you will see when visiting our shop.

No matter how dirty or discoloured your gown may be, we will achieve the best possible result, consistent with what the fabric can bear. Invariably this is ‘as good as the day I bought it!’

If your wedding dress is heavily beaded or sequined you are not penalised and we are undeterred. Pricing is not based on the cost of your wedding dress, but the effort required in achieving the best possible finish.

Unlike other cleaners, Wedding Dresses are our speciality and almost the entire process is completed by hand. Every stain is hand cleaned, fabric condition is constantly scrutinised and monitored. We combine our care and attention to detail with the finest non-aggressive products to remove dirt and stains without fabric damage or shrinkage. Only the final clean is mechanised and after that, your wedding dress is again carefully examined, prior to hand-pressing. Our objective is to achieve that elusive ‘as good as the day I bought it’ look.

Now cleaned and pressed to your satisfaction, the next decision is how you store your wedding dress. Southbourne Dry Cleaning offer a wedding dress and gown boxing service.

Read some of the do's and don'ts of storing a wedding dress.